About Me

My name is Tayla Bonner, and I’m from Selma, Alabama.

I am currently an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate student at The University of West Alabama. Formerly I attended The University of Alabama where I received my Bachelor’s in Creative Media and Computing Tech and Applications, and I obtained my Associates in Arts and Science at Wallace Community College Selma. During the span of my studies, I’ve come across some relatively admirable individuals and created and been a part of some amazing projects and experiences.

I’ve accomplished a multitude of projects such as shooting Multicam live-action performances, cinemaphotography for short films, production, and set design, web design, photography, graphic design, branding, marketing, advertising, and PR work, directing, producing, editing videos and photos, film commercials and documentaries, music videos, and much more. I have yet to discover my niche though I enjoy the majority if not all of the experiences I listed; however, I’d say I have produced great work and loved production design, cinematography, and branding.

When I’m not creating or designing, I love to watch anime, learn and try new things (and food), travel, critique, and study films. I have two pit lab mix puppies, Gin and Juice, and bucket hats are just my thing. A fun fact about me is that I know how to play the flute, and I have a twin sister – hence the name The Other Bonner.